What ever happened to those great ideas from Lion’s Den?

students studying at computers

Last year we ran the Lion’s Den challenge and heard some great ideas from students on how we can make the student experience even better. The winner walked away with a $1000 prize, but what happened to their ideas?

The Library has been busy working with other areas in the University to introduce these ideas into our services.

Timeout on student computers (William)

The winning idea was the introduction of auto-logout on student computers. Starting semester 2, all student PCs in our Libraries will log-out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Stationery and Coffee vending (Henry)

You may have already noticed the stationery vending machine on Level 3 of Fisher Library, but if you find yourself in Fisher Library at 3am and need a pick-me-up, you’ll now be able to grab a coffee from the vending machine in the kitchen.

Standing desks for students (Jushina)

Another great idea was the introduction of areas with standing desks for student. With the relocation of printers from Fisher Library stack, we have the opportunity to bring in standing desks as part of the printer bay refurbishment. Keep your eyes peeled for the new furniture in Semester 2.

PC availability at the Library entrance (Wenqian)

Also on the cards for late 2018 are displays at Fisher Library indicating which library spaces and Learning Hubs have the most available PCs. As soon as ICT complete the upgrade of the software we will be rolling it out to all libraries.

Go home safe (Jennifer)

Getting around the University safely is of utmost importance, and this great idea involved finding groups of students with similar destinations to travel with when leaving Fisher Library at night. We are working with Security to introduce this idea and look forward to being able to announce an initiative later in the year.

Look out for the Lion’s Den challenge coming in 2019. Pitch your idea for the Library and you could win $1000.