Upcoming Changes to ProQuest eBook Central Bookshelf

As many students and researchers will know, ProQuest eBook Central is one of our biggest digital resource platforms. The database, which is accessible through the Library website, enables users to read, download and annotate key titles from across our collections. Users can save their books and annotations to their personal Bookshelf.

The Library is now in the process of moving to a new authentication system for accessing subscribed electronic resources. Once this authentication change takes place for ProQuest eBook Central in November 2023, new Bookshelf accounts will be generated and old Bookshelves will no longer be accessible.

If you would like to retain your Bookshelf information, please complete one of these following steps:

Option 1. Offline backup

You can export your saved lists and annotations as an offline backup by following these instructions on the ProQuest Support siteNote: If you have multiple folders in your account, you will need to repeat these instructions for each folder.

Option 2. Merge your account

If you have a large number of items in your Bookshelf and would like your old Bookshelf to be merged into the new Bookshelf, please do the following:

  1. Go to your ProQuest Ebook Central Bookshelf
  2. Go to Settings > Profile
  3. Copy your unique code next to the “Email/Username” field: it will be a set of numbers and letters (eg. rYgBBArABUG122QeSm/LRw==)
  4. Submit your merge request to the Library by filling out this Bookshelf form with your details. We will then contact ProQuest on your behalf to process the merge request.

You must submit your form before 31 October 2023. However, we recommend submitting your form early for a seamless changeover.

If you have any additional questions, please get in touch via the Library’s Live Chat service.