Time for a Nap! The new EnergyPod has arrived in Fisher Library



Feeling tired? Take a nap! 
Fisher Library now has a place for students to take a break and revive the mind with the proven benefits of an optimal 20 minute nap!

By Coral Black

Based on years of research, the world’s first chair designed specifically for napping combines stylish design with ergonomic functionality to create the ideal energy enhancing environment.

Why not have a try yourself?

Lie back and relax, pull across the privacy shield and incline the chair – 3 programs of gentle sounds and music lull you into the land of nod. Diffuse coloured lights play across the interior canopy. The pod then lifts you from your slumber with a gentle and increasing sound and pulsations, letting you emerge refreshed for that pressing assignment, lecture or date.

There is no need to book it. Just come and give it a try – one person at a time.