The Digital Presence Project Update

The ​Digital Presence Project​ is a multi-year Library project to review and update the Library’s digital content, including the Library’s website and content across other University platforms.

What is currently happening in the project?

We have completed extensive research into the digital presence’s current state, client needs and organisational workflows and have now reached one of the key consultation and testing stages of the project.

These stages are fundamental to the success of the project as they ensure that our users will easily be able to discover content, services, and resources of interest to them within the newly designed website. 

How can I get involved?

We want to test the concept of information architecture with students, staff and members of the community over the coming weeks. 

You can help us refine the concept information architecture and inform the architecture of the Library website by completing a short survey (10-15 minutes).

Links to the survey for different demographic groups are below:

Where can I find more information about this project?

For more information, see the Library Digital Presence project page on the Library website. You can also get in contact with a member of the DPP Project Team if you have questions about the project or the testing process:

  • Maddie Wilson – Project Manager
  • Kate Stanton – Project Lead
  • Heidi Laidler – Experience Design Specialist