What is Rare Books & Special Collections?

Aged book nestled on cushion

Thank you for completing our online survey and interview.

Aged book nestled on cushion
An item from the Library’s Rare Books & Special Collections

When you first heard about Rare Books & Special Collections (RBSC) at the University of Sydney Library, what did you expect it to be? What do you think it is now?

We are looking into how RBSC is perceived and used (or not used!) so that we can provide a better experience for people trying to learn about and access it.

We have been seeking feedback from University of Sydney academic staff via an online survey with the option of a 30-60 minute interview over Zoom. We want to hear from academics who have used Rare Books & Special Collections as well as those who haven’t. We heard from academics across different faculties, including those who have used Rare Books & Special Collections as well as those who haven’t.

What the survey covered

  • what you think Rare Books & Special Collections is
  • where you first heard about it
  • if/how you are using it

There was also an optional section about the East Asian Collection, as part of this is located alongside Rare Books & Special Collections.

The interview will be a conversation about your perceptions and experiences of Rare Books & Special Collections: things people like or find frustrating, what they think it is or should be, and if it is useful or relevant to them.

Thank you so much to everyone who completed or shared the survey.

Survey closed 22 May 2021