Automatic renewals of Library items

By Kim Williams

This year we want to make everyone’s lives easier, so we’ve enabled automatic renewals for our general collections. We’re sure this will make everyone’s lives easier, and will help people avoid library fines.

We’ll be automatically renewing your items so you can keep them for longer if

  • your fines are under $30
  • they’re from our general collection
  • your account hasn’t expired
  • no-one else has requested the item you’ve borrowed from us.

The only things we won’t automatically renew for you are:

  • If we’ve borrowed it from BONUS+ or it’s through Document Delivery
  • Equipment
  • 2 hour collection (as this is a high demand collection)
  • Items that have already been renewed four times.

If you’d still like to keep it after a year or four renewals (whichever comes sooner), they’ll need to come back before you can re-borrow them.

You won’t get an email from us saying that your items have been renewed, so it’s important to keep an eye on your MyLoans account. When it’s time to bring the items back, we’ll still send you an email.

In addition we now let our community borrowers place two holds at a time each, so that they’re not prevented from accessing items that have been renewed automatically.

Happy 2018!