Break up your study sessions with the Library’s study break cards

One of the best ways to absorb loads of information when studying is to take regular and rejuvenating breaks away from your study …and often! Making the most of taking a good break from study will help you be more productive when you do study.

That’s why starting from Monday 3rd June, the Library will release two new cards across our Library spaces:

BRB Card

Taking a break? Simply grab a card, write on the card what time you left for your break & pop it on top of your desk so everyone knows you’ll be back within half an hour.


Left your stuff unattended for a long time, without a note saying when you’ll return?  Remember the Library is a shared space and this can be frustrating for other students looking for a place to study.

Library staff might place a ‘Hey!’ card on your belongings, letting other students know they can carefully move your stuff to the side and use the desk. Next time you take a break, make sure you leave a BRB card.

Remember, it is Library policy that if you find a desk unattended for a long period of time with someone else’s belongings – you can carefully push their stuff aside to use the desk (regardless if there is a Hey! card on their stuff or not)

Above all, the Library is here to support you and our students (you!) are our top priority. Unfortunately, sometimes people can be pretty awful and take things that aren’t theirs. So please always remember to keep your valuable belongings with you at all times.

For more information, visit the Spaces page on our website:

It’s that time of semester once again… and we’ve got your back.

It’s that time of semester once again. Campus is filled to the brim of sleep deprived students, highlighted study notes and the presence of stress lingering in the air is strong. Exams.

But not to worry! The Library and the STAR team (Student Transition and Retention) have got your back!

We’ve got lots of activities lined up to support you during exams:

Breakfast Club

Remember Mum saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? If you’re planning on getting stuff done & having a productive day, start it off right with free breakfast at Fisher Library and The Quarter. It’s also a great opportunity to meet others. It’ll be a cereals-ly good time!

Fruit and Freddo handouts

Keep an eye out for Library staff across libraries handing out free fruit and Freddos while you study in the lead up to exams. You’re welcome.

Free coffee with a Cop

Re-fuel with a free coffee outside Fisher Library & chat with the STAR team.
Chat about where to go for help and support at Uni.

Yoga and Meditation

Relax, breathe and reset. Attend a free yoga or meditation session to refresh your body and mind and stress less these exams. Free fruit is also provided at the end of each session.

Visit the Library website for more information and for the full program of Exam Ready events held by the Library and the STAR team (Student Transition and Retention) this semester.