Database Trials: De-classified documents and the Churchill Archive

The library is currently trialing two databases that may be of interest.

Please have a look at these databases and let us know if you think they would be useful additions:

Churchill archive image

De-classified Documents Reference System

DDRS is a collection of previously classified government documents relating to domestic and foreign policy.  It fills an important gap in post-World War II domestic and foreign policy studies and provides unique opportunities for undergraduate and graduate comprehensive research in a rich primary source. In addition, Declassified Documents Reference System provides a significant resource for researchers in almost every discipline, including journalism, public policy studies, international law and security, and more.


Trial Ends: 9th October 2015

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Churchill Archive

The Churchill Archive is a unique resource that brings nearly 800,000 documents amassed by Winston S. Churchill throughout his life online for the first time.

To complement the core content, the Churchill Archive will offer an expanding range of additional materials, including pedagogical resources and secondary materials, plus editorially-selected links to other resources, video and audio content, and biographical and bibliographic databases.


Trial ends – 1st November 2015

Please fill out the Database Evaluation Form – Thank you