History Matters! a new exhibition on the history of anaesthesia

23 January to 12 May 2013AnaestheticWeb_156

Painless surgery is a modern phenomenon, but the concept was an ancient one. The exhibition includes many of the pioneering works of 16th to 19th century medical science, which transformed the idea into a reality.

Presented by the Australian Society of Anaesthetists and the University of Sydney Library this joint exhibition features rarely seen books from the University Library’s Rare Books and Special Collections and the Richard Bailey Library, in association with retired anaesthetic equipment from the Harry Daly Museum.

Where: Exhibition Space, Level 2, Fisher Library

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Image: The administration of nitrous oxide and ether by means of a Clover’s Portable Ether Inhaler, a special form of stopcock, and a detached gas-bag.
Frederick W. Hewitt, Anaesthetics and their Administration (1893)