Revive during exams with therapy dogs

Delta Therapy Dogs

As part of Exam Ready, the Library’s program promoting health and well-being during the exam period, we have some very special four-legged friends visiting from the Delta Society.

On Friday 17 November between 12-1.30pm in Fisher, Law, and SciTech libraries, everyone is invited to come down for some pet therapy with canines that will be on campus. The Delta Society Therapy Dogs is a program that brings the joy of animals to help all kinds of people around the country by offering a paw shake and a listening ear.

During exam period it can be hard to take a break; but it’s important for all student’s well-being and mental health. This is the reason why the Library has the Exam Ready program.  We’ve teamed up with experts from across the University and have all kind of programs including healthy eating and smarter study talks as well as chill out zones to relax and reboot throughout exam period. The therapy dogs are just one part of the huge program to help students study smarter and stress less. Find out more about the Delta Society therapy dogs and view the full program here.

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