Pride Month at the Library: Wear it with Pride

arms wearing LGBTQIA Pride bracelets

At the Library, we’re dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive environment for everyone. In June, Pride Month celebrates people who identify as part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community (LGBTQIA+).  

Pick up your free, Library Pride wristband 

An easy way to show your support is by wearing one of our rainbow wristbands. The wristband is a simple conversation starter, and a colourful reminder of progress made towards true equality.  

Visit an Information desk at the Conservatorium, Fisher, Sci-Tech, or Susan Wakil Libraries to pick up your free, Library Pride wristband before the end of June. 

Find LGBTQIA+ support at the Library 

We have a dedicated LGBTQIA+ Liaison officer, Sam, who promotes our inclusive Library environment. Sam can connect you with the people and services you need to make uni-life as rainbow as can be. 

Learn more about Library LGBTQIA+ support 

Listen to the Library LGBTQIA+ playlist 

To celebrate the diversity and creativity of the community, the Library has created a LGBTQIA+ themed Spotify playlist. Why not tune in for some great sounds, including some classic party anthems. 

Listen to the Library Pride playlist on Spotify 

Happy Pride Month everyone!