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About two years ago, the Library’s Peer Learning Advisor (PLA) team were looking for a new way to reach out to students and help enhance their student life. As current postgraduate students, they felt they had a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, which could be a useful guide for all students looking to understand and make the most of university life.

Their answer: PeerPod – a bi-monthly podcast series in which the PLAs discuss topics and issues related to student life and share their own stories, experiences and advice.

Since its creation, PeerPod has covered all kinds of subjects, from how to start semester and make new friends, to bouncing back after failing an exam. We’ve heard stories from PLAs and advice from experts, but this year we’d like to add something more. We want students of all levels to join us in the recording studio and share their voices, opinions and experiences!

Do you have a unique insight into student life? Some handy advice that you want to share? Maybe a suggestion for a topic you’d like us to cover?

Email us at and let us know what topic you’d like to talk about as a guest speaker, and why!

Check out PeerPod on our website or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Find out more about the Peer Learning Advisor team and how we can support you.

One thought on “Be our guest on PeerPod!

  1. Hello!

    I have often thought about whether or not a University student’s academic life can be stress free and well, easy. By this what I mean is that, there is no need to worry about getting an assignment in late, or not having something completed to the highest quality. I have often thought that such a possibility would only be enabled by extreme time-management and discipline, however I am starting to discover that this may be possible with study tools that increase our time-efficiency. Such things like pomodoros or active-recall study techniques enable students to be far more productive and driven in an hours study.

    The “Study-efficiency” as I call it is something that I am always interested in exploring and is something that I would love to hear you guys discuss! I’d also be SUPER happy to talk about this topic further be it on or off air with the PLA team.

    As a follow on from my question, this also calls into question the necessity for “stress” in not only a student’s life, but also in anyone’s life: Professionals, athletes, parents etc…

    Would we as humans be nearly as motivated as we are as a race or as individuals if the “stress” part of our brain just didn’t exist? I think not. Again, another interesting topic that I’d love to hear you guys discuss or be involved in discussion myself.

    Best of luck with the podcast!



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