New service to borrow items from other institutions

The Library has improved the way students, researchers and staff
can request items from beyond our collections.

When Library Search suggests an item is available in another institution, you may be able to request a book or a digital copy of a book chapter or journal article—with just one click!

This new service will automatically include the item details, without having to fill in a long form. You’ll also be able to better track your item (and download digital items you’ve requested) using My Account. You may notice some changes to wording around requesting items, but you can continue to request items not available through Library Search using the special request form.

A snapshot of how requesting a book or digital copy from another institution

Due to COVID-19 restrictions across Australia and overseas, the service will initially only apply to digital copies. As soon as we are able to borrow physical items from other institutions, the service will also cover physical items. Please remember that due to copyright restrictions, only one book chapter per book or journal article per journal volume can be requested.

We welcome feedback on the resource sharing service and improvements, please take a few minutes to fill in the Resource Sharing Feedback Form. If you have any questions regarding resource sharing or this improved service, please contact Jeff Cruz, Associate Director Site Services at or Katrina McAlpine, Associate Director Publishing and Data Services at