Goodbye Health Sciences Library

Health Sciences Library

Friday 11 December is the last day the Health Sciences Library in Lidcombe is open to clients. It has been serving students and staff of the Cumberland Campus for more than 50 years.

The Cumberland College of Health Sciences was established at Lidcombe in the 1970s. It officially became part of the University of Sydney, and known as the Faculty of Health Sciences in 1989-90. The Health Sciences Library was a central part of the campus, a place not only to study and research, but an active, bustling place to meet, network and share ideas.

The Health Sciences Library will be remembered as a great place to work, with a very unique character. As one of our staff explains: “There was always a buzz and vibrancy about the space and the students. The Physiotherapy and Exercise Science students were often doing hands-on work (literally) – massages and manipulations on the plinths/physio tables. It was quite a close-knit campus, set within lovely gardens and trees, which added to the Library’s special feel.”

The Health Sciences Library will merge with the Nursing Library and relocate to the new Susan Wakil Health Building Library, opening in February 2021.

Remembering the Library …

Watch this virtual tour of the Health Sciences Library from eight years ago.

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