Get Exam Ready!

Our Exam Ready Program is coming soon!
November 8th – December 4th 2021

The Library is getting ready to launch our Exam Ready program for Semester 2, with a wide range of study and support events to help you to manage stress and achieve your best in your final assessments for the year! Here are six things to check out at the Library’s Exam Ready program, November 8 to December 4.

In the meantime, if you want to get started early, check out the Preparing for exams workshops run by the Learning Hub! Register here:

And have a look through the Library’s ExamReady playlist on YouTube!

Tips for taking online exams 

The online exam process is still super new, and if it’s your first time taking your exams online this session is PERFECT for you!

It’ll be run by the University and Library’s Peer Support teams, with input from staff from Educational Integrity and ICT, and the first session will be delivered in both Mandarin and English.

Plan your ExamReady 

Tackling the exam period without a plan is ONE way to go about the end of semester but if you want to give yourself a chance to manage deadlines, minimise stress and maximise productivity, you’re going to need get your calendar in order. Head along to this simple, one-hour workshop to guarantee that you’ll have your own strategy to get you through to summer break.

Practice Mindfulness with a counsellor 

Let’s face it, the exam period is super stressful. Sometimes you can work through the stress with simple things like a short walk or a cup of tea, but if you need a bit of extra help, we are here to help.

The lovely staff from the University’s Counselling and Psychological Services are running a couple of mindfulness sessions to give you strategies for keeping the stress at bay!

Focus & Study! on Zoom

Looking for some last-minute study tips to get productive? Want some company while you study? Or maybe you want the motivation of a study coach to help you get to work?

Every Thursday afternoon throughout Exam Ready you can log in to this dedicated study session on Zoom, hosted by the Library PLAs, guaranteeing you a productive session of tips and study, using the Pomodoro Technique to help keep you on task!

Keep Calm and Keep Posting

Head over to this online social wall to share your positive vibes, motivational music, inspirational study break views and everything else that is helping you get through the end-of-semester stress.

The Library has partnered with Batyr to share some great wellbeing resources too!

Ask the SRC

Worried something might happen on the day of your exam?

Post your questions on slido and ask the SRC anything you want to know about: academic appeals, special consideration, academic misconduct & dishonesty allegations.