Exhibition: The Meeting of Traditional and Creative Research

Professor Neal Peres Da Costa sitting on his piano.

When: 3 April – 27 May 2017

Where: GlassSpace & GlassCase, Conservatorium Library and Con High School

Research is at the heart of Professor Neal Peres Da Costa’s musical life. His research and practice developed from a keen interest in performing music of past eras; experimenting with historically relevant performing practices and sounding sources (to interpret music manuscripts). Peres Da Costa’s research area – historically informed performance (HIP) – challenges the researcher’s knowledge and experience. This research-based practice has led to the production of traditional (written) and non-traditional (performative) research outputs. The intersection of research and performance has propelled Peres Da Costa to “keep questioning ingrained habits and assumptions”. His written research features historical practices, while his performances experiment with such practices, “using imagination and informed intuition to read between the lines of the evidence and to fill in the gaps.”

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