Exhibition – Fisher Library Art Boxes

The Art Box spaces in Fisher Library are currently housing unique pieces in collaboration with Verge Gallery. Ensure you visit the spaces on levels 2, 3 and 4 of Fisher Library. 

Art Box Level 2: Bonnie Huang 

Drain catcher 

Amongst the sticky sinews of time and memory, a sense of absence and longing pervades. This sculptural landscape is an exploration into the textures of both private and collective desire, creating a space of elegiac reflection for people and memories of the past. Here, the idea of archive or library refers to the dismembered domestic and bodily artefacts that amalgamate into one— much like how a clogged drain is a collection of tangible mementos left by people from the past.   

Art Box Level 3: Emily Greenwood 

O maluʻi ʻa Tupou 

Ancestral pride with a twist of punk! 
Taking direct influence from the Sex Pistols God Save the Queen, Emily Greenwood’s O’ malu’i ‘a Tupou has used a Tongan flag to showcase their identity as a Tongan feminist punk. 
A flag represents who you are, and with this piece Emily Greenwood blends influences of punk, queer art, drag, patriotism and humourist slogans like ‘oku ‘ikai ke u lava ‘o lea faka- Tongan’ (English translation: ‘I can’t speak Tongan’) or ‘liliu mei he Google’ (English translation: ‘Translated from Google’) to represent who they are and to unravel ancestral histories through their postcolonial lens. 

Art Box Level 4: Ali Noble & Brigitta Summers 

The plants, the press and the process 

This trio of works is a semi-collaborative piece by two artists, working individually and as one with each piece being inspired by the flora encountered at Sydney University. The first two pieces were created individually by each artist while the third was a collaborative exercise. Here you see the influences and interplay of Modernism, plant aesthetics and ‘thinking through touch’.