Exam Ready: Sail through your exams

The Library with University is getting ready to launch our Exam Ready program for Semester 1, with a wide range of study and support events to help you to manage stress and achieve your best in the upcoming assessment period. Here are six things to check out at the Library’s Exam Ready program, May 30 to June 19.

Check out our Exam Ready programs

Focus & Study! 

Join the Library’s Peer Learning Advisors (PLAs) for Focus & Study! Our workshop where we cover different study methods, and practice the Pomodoro Technique – proven to help beat procrastination and get the most out of your study time. Bring along that assignment, those revision notes and anything else you need to work through your tasks, and let our PLA coach you through two hours of quiet, effective study with timed breaks.

Assignment support 

Drop right into a session and chat to a librarian that supports your Faculty or School. Get help with troubleshooting problems with finding, evaluating, or referencing quality articles or evidence.

Mindful movements Let’s face it, the exam period is super stressful and it can all feel too much. An expert clinician from Student Counselling Services will guide you through different mindfulness-based practices. Press pause and rest, while gaining strategies to manage your stress

Wellbeing initiatives

We know it’s a challenging time. Come into the Library and check out the Chill Out Zones at Fisher Library, SciTech, Susan Wakil Health Building Library and the Con. Take time out to relax, you can even take a ‘gram and tag us. Study and stay cool.

Keep Calm and Keep Posting

Head over to this online social wall to share your positive vibes, motivational music, inspirational study break views and everything else that is helping you get through the end-of-semester stress. See it in our spaces on the ThinkSpace wall!

The Library has partnered with batyr to share some great wellbeing resources too!

You can ask that!

Worried something might happen on the day of your exam?

Post your questions on slido and ask the SRC and SUPRA anything you want to know about: academic appeals, special consideration, academic misconduct & dishonesty allegations.