Congratulations to the winner of the Library Client Survey

Fisher Library

Thanks to everyone for taking part in our Library Client Survey. Congratulations to the first prize winner Luke Hale who won $500. We caught up with Luke to hear what he plans to spend the prize money on.

How often do you come to the Library?

I come to Fisher about four times a week to study and relax in between class.

What are you studying?

Exercise Physiology and I’m in my second year.

What do you plan on spending your money on?

I’m stoked to have won first prize and I am planning on putting it towards a tablet so I can take it to lectures. Any of the remaining money I will put towards recording equipment for my side project which is doing voice-overs!

And finally, what do you love about the Library?

As far as the Library goes, what I love most is no one talks to you. You can get as much done in as little time as possible, you don’t have that at home!