Changes to Document Delivery and BONUS+ services

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The Library is making some changes to the way it supplies material that isn’t held in our collections.  From Monday 22 October 2018 access to the Bonus+ service will be phased out, and clients will be able to use the Document Delivery service for all future requests.

As part of this change the Document Delivery Services is being extended to undergraduate students for a trial period. From Monday 22 October 2018 undergraduates will have access to requesting 10 items per academic year from hundreds of member libraries across Australia within the Libraries Australia Document Delivery (LADD) service. Researchers and post graduate students will continue to use the service as normal.

Find out more about document delivery services on our Library website.

2 thoughts on “Changes to Document Delivery and BONUS+ services

  1. I am disappointed that such a useful service is being removed. I have used it to access a lot of materials in recent times.

    1. Hi Alyson,

      Thank you for your feedback.
      We realise this is a popular system with some of our clients and are working hard to manage the transition period. In line with the upgrading of our library management system all of our document delivery/resource sharing services have and continue to be reviewed. While Bonus+ and ArticleReach services are being phased out, you will still be able to borrow items from other libraries using Document Delivery.

      Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help with this transition.

      Kind regards,

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