Goodbye Health Sciences Library

Health Sciences Library

Friday 11 December is the last day the Health Sciences Library in Lidcombe is open to clients. It has been serving students and staff of the Cumberland Campus for more than 50 years.

The Cumberland College of Health Sciences was established at Lidcombe in the 1970s. It officially became part of the University of Sydney, and known as the Faculty of Health Sciences in 1989-90. The Health Sciences Library was a central part of the campus, a place not only to study and research, but an active, bustling place to meet, network and share ideas.

The Health Sciences Library will be remembered as a great place to work, with a very unique character. As one of our staff explains: “There was always a buzz and vibrancy about the space and the students. The Physiotherapy and Exercise Science students were often doing hands-on work (literally) – massages and manipulations on the plinths/physio tables. It was quite a close-knit campus, set within lovely gardens and trees, which added to the Library’s special feel.”

The Health Sciences Library will merge with the Nursing Library and relocate to the new Susan Wakil Health Building Library, opening in February 2021.

Remembering the Library …

Watch this virtual tour of the Health Sciences Library from eight years ago.

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Health Sciences and Nursing to come together in a new library

Susan Wakil Health Building

Our Nursing and Health Sciences libraries will close on 27 November and 11 December 2020 respectively, in preparation to move their collections, staff and services to a new home at the Susan Wakil Health Building Library, opening in Semester 1, 2021.

This move is part of the relocation of the School of Health Sciences, School of Nursing and Midwifery and Central Clinical School to the Camperdown Campus by 2021.

University Librarian Philip Kent described the transition as a “historic moment”.

“Library colleagues and collections that have been central to nursing and health science communities for decades in our predecessor institutions will unite. We will deliver contemporary library services in a purpose-built new facility,” he said.

In the intermediate period between the Health Sciences and Nursing libraries closing and the new Susan Wakil Health Building Library opening in February, the resources from these collections will be temporarily unavailable.

If you need any of these resources in the interim, you will need to borrow them before the libraries close; alternatively you can use Resource Sharing to access material from one of the University’s partner libraries.

Key dates to remember

The Nursing Library will close on Friday 27 November 2020. The Health Sciences Library will close on Friday 11 December 2020.

Last date toNursing LibraryHealth Sciences Library
Borrow an item27 November11 December
Return an item27 November11 December
Request to collect an item16 November27 November

If you need to return any borrowed items to these libraries after the relevant closing date(s), please take them to one of our other Library locations. 

Any requested item not collected by the relevant closing date will be available for pick-up from Fisher Library the following week. This excludes 2-hour collection items which will be available from the Fisher Library from 1 December (Nursing Library items), and 16 December (Health Sciences Library items).

Learn more

If you have any further enquiries or wish to provide feedback, please contact Adi Piersol, Associate Director Site Services, University of Sydney Library (

Susan Wakil Health Building

Dentistry Library has re-opened as a learning and study space


We’re pleased to announce that as of today the Dentistry Library has re-opened as a learning and study space after minor refurbishment works.

By Crystal Choi

What’s new

The new refurbished space will have 1 bookable group room, a new relaxed study space and a study space for group and individual study, as well as ICT (VDI) computers and printing/scanning/photocopying facilities. Additional drop-down power has also been installed.

Additional furniture in the form of some new seating (couches and chairs) and new tables will be installed in 2 weeks.

Opening hours 

The new space will initially be open from 9am-5pm, Monday –Friday. When swipe access is installed, opening hours will be extended.

All access to the space will be via campus card, and all current Dentistry students, academics and staff at the University will have access on their card, once swipe access has been installed.

Clients can initially access library support from staff during opening hours, who will be on hand to answer any queries, orientate students to the space, take returns and check out any holds/document delivery or 2 hour items.

Will there be a librarian?

Research assistance and support is ongoing. Academic Liaison Librarian, Lajos Bordas continues to be available for research appointments at the Dental Hospital, Westmead Campus and Camperdown Campus. In addition, the Chat Now instant messaging service will also continue to be available. In future, PLAs will be available in the space for support and assistance.

We are still waiting for our HAL-4 Smartlocker and HAL-5 Libcabinet to arrive, so we’ll keep you posted on their arrival. In the meantime, clients can see staff in the space for assistance.


Water damage: Health Sciences Library closed until 8 February


Please be advised that the Health Sciences Library is still closed due to water damage caused by the storm over the weekend which comprises of mostly wet carpet, the collection and technology seem to be fine.

The Library will remain closed for this week and reopen on Monday 8 February. Clients will be allowed into Level 1 of the library, at this stage Level 2 will remain closed due to work being undertaken to replace ceiling panels. 

Please continue to check the library website for updates.