“Hey!” Keep an eye on your stuff


You might see us discreetly placing “Hey” coasters on items left unattended in our Library spaces. We’re doing this because we had a few cases of stolen laptops and phones and to remind you that sometimes, people can be awful and take things that aren’t theirs.

The safety of our students and their property is our highest priority, so please keep your personal belongings with you at all times. In case you have found or lost an item, contact Library staff or security.

Florilegium – floral prints from Banks’ and Solander’s botanical discoveries

Florilegium a new exhibition of the Library's Rare Books and Special CollectionsThe Florilegium is a superb record of the botanical discoveries made by Joseph Banks and Dr Daniel Solander between 1768 and 1771 during the voyage of HMS Endeavour.

Some staff and associates of the University of Sydney were asked to identify their favourite Australian plant from the Florilegium and these prints are on display in Rare Books and Special Collections.

When: Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 4.30pm; During first semester 2017

Where: Fisher Library F03; Level 1, Rare Books reading room


Easier access to course readings

In January 2017 the Library started to implement eReserve, a system to enhance student discovery of unit of study readings and make the process easier and more efficient for academics and library staff.

eReserve will make it easier for students to find and access their readings.

What we think you will love about the new system?


  • Simple and user friendly interface
  • Seamless access to readings located in one place embedded within Blackboard, no more having to check another system
  • Can see comments from your lecturer about specific readings
  • Readings are grouped into weeks that align with your lecture pattern

For Faculty staff

  • Faster processing – more control for academic staff enabling short notice additions to your lists
  • More transparency – you can see at all times the status of the reading lists (e.g. active, being processed, pending, need review)
  • Lecturers can see the number of times an item is viewed by students
  • Academics can get fast support from Library staff via the Help link
  • A system for tracking and controlling copyright and enhanced copyright reporting
  • Readings are located within Blackboard  (soon to be Canvas)
  • Various format reading resources can be uploaded (e.g. web links; AV/DVD, PDF)

Successful pilot projects

So far we successfully tested the system for the Sydney Law School, Psychology, Public Health and SLAM during Summer School and Semester 1. The response has been positive from both academics and students.

Full implementation

The Semester 2, 2017 phase will include the Sydney Nursing School and Faculty of Health Sciences and selected units of study from the University of Sydney Business School. Faculties and Schools not part of the Semester 2, 2017 phase will be transitioned to the new system Semester 1, 2018. The Library will be in contact with faculty staff before reading lists are transitioned into the new system.


For more information about the system please email: library.uos@sydney.edu.au

5 ways to get exam ready

We know it’s a tough time for all of you, so we came up with some ideas to help you through the worst.

Find the times and locations for all activities in our full program.

1. Take a break

Drop in, take a break and refresh yourself with free fruit Monday to Friday at SciTech (1pm) and Fisher (2:30pm) or a free cup of tea or coffee in the Quarter (our Postgraduate Coursework space), 2-3pm.

2. Learn how to juggle your procrastination urges

If you’re struggling too much with procrastination, join us by booking a spot in our Shut Up & Study sessions in Fisher Library, on Thursday June 22 or in The Quarter (for Postgraduate Coursework students only), on Friday June 23, always at 1.20pm. Meet us in the foyers of Fisher and SciTech libraries for some productive procrastination, by learning to juggle with Scott.

3. Have a nap – No, really

Are you trying to cram in as much as you possibly can? Try our Sleep Pods and take a power nap to refuel those empty batteries – Studies have shown that having a nap can actually help with information retention.

4. Our best 50 pro study tips

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (#examready) for daily tips that help you improve your study experience, so that you’re exam ready. We’ll also be giving them out with the free fruit in Fisher and Scitech, and as part of the coffee and tea breaks in The Quarter.

5. Meet our doggy friends from the Delta Society

Meet our adorable four legged friends in Fisher Library on Friday June 23 from 12:30pm in Fisher. They’ll then make their way over to SciTech.


Find the times and locations for all activities in our full program.

Bright sparks: women in struggle

Where: Fisher Library level 3 and SciTech exhibition space

Our new exhibition Bright sparks: women in struggle features feminist authors from the Library’s East Asian Collection, to commemorate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.

We have chosen authors from three countries on which our East Asian Collection focuses, and selected important works written by them. All of them are/were fierce fighters for women’s liberation, whose activism and written works continue to inspire many around the world today.

Find more about our East Asian Collection at https://library.sydney.edu.au/collections/east-asian/

New Library Customer Service Charter

We have updated our Customer Service Charter to let you know what you can expect when we deliver our services. Our Charter includes service standards that we will measure, review and report to let you know how we are doing. It also includes expectations of client behaviour to ensure that everyone enjoys their time in our spaces.

You can view the charter here: https://library.sydney.edu.au/about/governance.html.

We welcome your feedback on our Customer Service Charter here: https://www.research.net/r/lcscharter. You can also provide suggestions and feedback about any of our Library services by going here:  https://library.sydney.edu.au/contacts/feedback-form.html