7 ways to discover your Library

  1. Keen for a quiet space or need to work in a group? We have 12 Library spaces with all kinds of different study spaces and facilities. Haven’t got time to visit them all? Take an armchair ride via our virtual tours.
  2. Go to a “Discover your Library session” for a quick overview of how you can get started using Library resources.
  3. Honi Soit is now your number one on-campus news source, along with the University’s Facebook page. You can start at the beginning with our Honi Soit Digital Archive.
  4. You’ll be ready for some downtime now, so why not refuel your energy levels with a nap in one of our sleep pods in Fisher or Health Sciences libraries?
  5. Join the Library community by following us on social media.
  6. Round off your day with a spot of 3D printing at the ThinkSpace. One of our friendly PLAs will show you the ropes – just show up.
  7. Its late but you still need more Library time? We’ve got you covered with our 24/7 spaces.