5 ways to get exam ready

We know it’s a tough time for all of you, so we came up with some ideas to help you through the worst.

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1. Take a break

Drop in, take a break and refresh yourself with free fruit Monday to Friday at SciTech (1pm) and Fisher (2:30pm) or a free cup of tea or coffee in the Quarter (our Postgraduate Coursework space), 2-3pm.

2. Learn how to juggle your procrastination urges

If you’re struggling too much with procrastination, join us by booking a spot in our Shut Up & Study sessions in Fisher Library, on Thursday June 22 or in The Quarter (for Postgraduate Coursework students only), on Friday June 23, always at 1.20pm. Meet us in the foyers of Fisher and SciTech libraries for some productive procrastination, by learning to juggle with Scott.

3. Have a nap – No, really

Are you trying to cram in as much as you possibly can? Try our Sleep Pods and take a power nap to refuel those empty batteries – Studies have shown that having a nap can actually help with information retention.

4. Our best 50 pro study tips

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (#examready) for daily tips that help you improve your study experience, so that you’re exam ready. We’ll also be giving them out with the free fruit in Fisher and Scitech, and as part of the coffee and tea breaks in The Quarter.

5. Meet our doggy friends from the Delta Society

Meet our adorable four legged friends in Fisher Library on Friday June 23 from 12:30pm in Fisher. They’ll then make their way over to SciTech.


Find the times and locations for all activities in our full program.