How we’ve improved our study spaces

Following our Lion’s Den challenge and recent surveys, Library staff have been working hard to introduce new ideas into our spaces to make student experience even better… just in time for first semester exams.

Improvements we’ve been working on include: 

Improved Kitchenette facilities

In Fisher Library, we’ve improved our kitchenette facilities with new microwaves and seating areas. Don’t forget – there’s also vending machines and a 24/7 coffee machine available for late night study energy boosts.

More study spaces & standing desks

We have installed over 190 new study spaces across SciTech, Fisher and Law Libraries, equipped with power and USB outlets. Prefer studying standing up? We have new high-level standing desks on Level 6 of Fisher Library.

Silent Zones

Noticed our new blue ‘Silent’ signage around our spaces?  Last year our Library staff conducted surveys on our 3-tiered Quiet, Silent and Group zoning. Results showed that this system was generally too confusing, therefore the new scheme simply has specific marked silent zones and all other spaces are unmarked.  

If you want a quiet place to study, head for a spot with blue signage.

Printing in central locations

All printers in Fisher Library are now located on levels 3 & 4. There are also quick print service ICT kiosks available for your convenience.

2 thoughts on “How we’ve improved our study spaces

  1. Why on earth do we need Kitchenettes in a Library? Its most inappropriate and has nothing to do with a Library, indeed eating and drinking are usually banned in libraries due to the possibility of damage to the material. Surely there are more appropriate locations for kitchenettes, vending machines etc.

    1. Hi Wayne, thank you for your comment. As we are a 24/7 Library space, many students use the Library for heating up food to eat during their study breaks. The Library aims to support students during time at University and this is one of the ways we are doing so – by providing a comfortable place to study on campus. Additionally, the care of our resources is of course of upmost importance. We only encourage eating in the designated kitchen areas and uncovered drinks and hot foods are not allowed near Library books or electronic equipment. Feel free to contact us directly if you would like more information.
      Kind Regards,

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